Week of 11/26-11/30/18

Hello Panthers!
We have a couple of basketball games going this week and some rehearsals, but it is a great week to ease back into the swing of things.

Canned Food Drive Begins!
We will be doing a canned food drive challenge over the next few weeks. Advisory classes from each grade level will be put into teams of three to compete for prizes, but the real winners will be the food bank and those in need of help. We will update the challenge as we go. Students should take all canned food to their advisory class and not drop it off in the front office.

I hope you had a tremendous holiday week! Personally, I was able to have some time away from the day to day business. Always feels good to be able to relax and know that the next day you won’t be presented with a number of challenges. Of course, that all changes when you go back to work on Monday, but it is good to have that feeling for a couple of days. I was also able to spend time with family. I guess as I grow older I realize the importance of family a little more. I think the key is knowing that you are not always going to agree on everything, but knowing that they will be there for you when you need them. I guess that is the hope anyway. Hope is a very important aspect to happiness. I think hope is linked to a growth mindset. Hope is usually related to the belief in a better tomorrow or better future. Not so different from a growth mindset that situations can change if you are willing to put some work in to make it happen. This is very different than just wishful thinking. As we head into the end of the semester, my hope is that we connect more as a community. We help each other and motivate each other to be better versions of ourselves, whether that be students, parents, teachers, or neighbors. We can be the good in the world that is needed each day.

Make it a great week Ridgeview! The choice is yours!

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