Week of 11/12-11/16/18

Hello Panthers!
What a nasty couple of days of weather we have in store for us to start the week. Please be patient if you are dropping off your student in the morning. We will do our best to move the lines through quickly.

Veterans Day Celebration
I am speechless over the Veterans Day Parade! I have been doing some sort of celebration for Veterans Day for a long time, but for whatever reason, I think this was the best one yet. It was truly heartwarming to see our students cheering on the veterans in appreciation for serving our country. A special thank you to everyone that was involved in making Friday a memorable occasion!

Thanksgiving Break - Next Week!
Just a reminder that we have a full week of school this week, Monday through Friday! Next week we will have a full week off! We will be ready to greet students again on Monday, November 26th.

Football Field and Track Closed During Break
The football field and track will be closed through the Thanksgiving Break. Grounds crew have been working to repair, reseed, and get the field ready for spring sports. The field was torn up with the wet football season and it will need some time with no traffic to allow seed to germinate and begin to establish. We apologize for the inconvenience and respectfully ask that you stay off the fields so that we have grass for soccer season.

8th Grade Visit to Cedar Ridge - Friday, 11/16
All 8th graders will be taking a trip to Cedar Ridge to visit and learn more about academies on Friday. The trip will only be for the morning. Students will be leaving around 9:00 and will return before lunch. This is a great experience and should help 8th graders start thinking about academy choice for the Spring and focus on the future. We will start having parent information sessions starting in January to keep you in the loop as well.

Healing and Hope Group
Counselors will be starting a Healing and Hope group. In December the focus will be on Holiday Grief plans. In January counselors will go through primary and secondary losses, anger and other underlying emotions, art therapy, coping skills, overcoming obstacles and identifying support systems. If interested please contact your grade level counselor.

Thanksgiving Reflection
Last week and this week have been a focus of Thanksgiving for me. First I want to give thanks to all the veterans that have served our nation to make it such a great place to enjoy the freedoms that we have. It was heartwarming to listen to the stories that veterans shared with me after the ceremony on Friday. It was inspiring to see the students and families clapping and cheering during the parade to let the veterans know how much they are appreciated.

This week I started thinking about the other things that I am thankful for as we get ready for the week off. I was thankful to get some sleep last night, although that has me running late this morning with the Panther Press. I am also thankful for time with family. It was more than refreshing after getting after my teens about their face melting in their tiny screens. The oldest one actually asked me if we could read together. I was shocked, but of course jumped at the chance, even though Cowboys were winning, which is a rare occasion these days. We ended up starting a new book series for us, Gordon Korman’s Hypnotists. I think there are three books in the series and are appropriate from 3rd grade up to high school. I realized the ability I had to be a teacher as we read together, stopping and asking questions about why the author included something, what were the clues left, what prediction can you make at this point in the story, have you ever felt like that. I mention this because it is something that any family can do, regardless of your comfort level.

I also give thanks for the people that I work with that make Ridgeview such an amazing place. I give thanks for our students and families that live in the community. I realize that those outside the school rarely here all the positives that are happening, but there are just so many good things occurring during the day, it would be like a full-time TV show reporting. Thank you for trusting us with your students. Next week I will pick up again with Generation IY tips. I hope you have a great week off!

Make it a marvelous week Ridgeview! The choice is yours!

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