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Week of 5/28-5/30/18

Hello Panthers!

We made it through another year at Ridgeview! I hope that you had an enjoyable experience and that your student found the year beneficial in terms of growth both academically and social-emotionally. There are lots of changes happening with youth this age. Our world is rapidly changing and students seem to have more pressure now than ever before with the bombardment of information that they are exposed to and have to try and sort out.

Reminders for 5/29
Parents we have told students that they should not have backpacks on Tuesday. All backpacks will be brought into the office. I would prefer that students not bring sweets and treats to celebrate the last day as it tends to get messy. Any other items that are not educational related will be taken up. Students should be in dress code. Parents that are wanting to pick up your students early, please be patient. With students in multiple spots and in large groups it will take us longer to find your student and get them to the fr…

Week of 5/21-5/25/18

Hello Panthers! Help me say, “the last week of school is here!” or should we say, “the last week of school is here?” I don’t know whether to celebrate or scratch my head wondering where the school year went. I guess I will start with celebrations! Our students did an amazing job during STAAR week. Both in students keeping quiet for those that were testing and also for the students that really seemed to take their time and do their best. I am keeping my fingers crossed that our scores show positive gains as we have for the past three years. However, as I always say, STAAR in the grand scheme of things, is just a data point. I feel like we have an accurate read on whether or not students made progress throughout the year and are prepared for the next step. That being said, it is always nice to see how we compare in relation to our comparison group of 40 schools with similar demographics that the state will match us with.
8th Grade Picnic This year we tried something new as a reward for our…

Week of 5/14 - 5/18/18

Hello Panthers! Ready or not, we are down to two full weeks of school remaining in the year. Where did time go? Seems like yesterday we were just starting the school year.

STAAR TESTING We will be having STAAR testing for much if not all of the week. 6th and 7th grade will be testing on Monday and Tuesday and 8th grade will be testing on Wednesday and Thursday. Makeup testing will be throughout the week including Friday. The campus will be closed during testing to deliveries and outside visitors. This is typically a stressful week for both students and adults. Schedules are off and there is not as much help in the front office, so if you are requesting to pick up a student, please make sure you come early and give us time to locate them. We appreciate your patience in advance!

Ridgeview Garden is Growing! The Ridgeview Garden is a source of pride and joy as we started with a simple grant four years ago and have consistently upgraded each year. It is hard to even remember when there was ab…

Week of 5/7 - 5/11/18

Hello Panthers! I hope you had a great weekend! After crummy weather Friday, the weekend really turned out to be nice! I am hoping we continue that vibe into the week as we prepare for a fast and furious sprint to the finish line.

8th Formal We had a great 8th grade formal on Saturday night! I want to thank our 8th grade teachers for sponsoring this amazing event, especially Mrs. Palermo and Mrs. Russo, but also the other teachers who supported: Mrs. Terry-Brown, Mr. So, Mr. Jones, Mr. Tong, Mrs. Walline, Ms. Nunnally, Ms. Miller, Mr. Damron, and the admin team. We also could not have pulled it off without the wonderful help of parent volunteers and the WatchDogs! We had over 400 students in attendance and it truly was a spectacular evening! I also want to thank the students for being on their best behavior!

Open PTA Positions There are several open PTA Board positions for next year. If you are interested in making a difference at Ridgeview, go to the PTA website for more information and …