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Week of 2/26 - 3/2/18

Hello Panthers!
I hope you had a great weekend! It was nice to be able to get outside in between rain storms. This past week made me smile. I am not sure why. Maybe it was because I was able to get so much accomplished during the two staff days on Mon and Tues. Maybe it was because of the awesome events that we put on. Maybe it was just celebrating awesome teachers and students through the three days that we had. Regardless, find a reason to celebrate each week.

8th Graders only
This week Cedar Ridge counselors will be on campus to help 8th graders finalize their four year plans and classes for next year. Be sure to ask your 8th grader when and what was done to make sure they are in the right classes for next year.

Career Day
We had an amazing Friday morning when 65+ presenters walked through the doors and taught our students about a career field that might interest them in the future. I was a little worried when I saw the rain and the line of cars. We started a little behind schedule, but…

Week of 2/21 - 2/23/18

Hello Panthers! It seems like a whole week has gone by! I can’t believe it is already Weds. I think the mini-break was much needed. I know that I was able to recharge with my staff yesterday during some great professional development activities and conversations. Teachers were able to work with their peers in the district and our vertical team on Monday as we strive for continuous improvement. I know that some people like to start the countdown for Spring Break, but I think it is too early to have the mentality. I am actually excited for the next few weeks! Read more about the good things happening!

Career Day Career Day is on Friday morning! We are super excited to announce that we will have over 70 careers available for students to choose from. Students have been registering over the past week and are able to visit four sessions. Tonight is the cut-off. We have had a few changes in speakers, both adding and subtracting so students need to check their schedules tonight. We are hoping to…

Week of 2/12 - 2/16/18

Hello Panthers!

Is it summer yet? Another crazy weekend of contrasting weather, par for the course in Texas! It was a good weekend for me. I am not sure why, I didn’t get any more sleep, or anything knocked off my to-do list, but for some reason I just feel happier! Which is perfect because we are entering random kindness week! I guess we are also coming up on Valentine’s Day as well, but I try to keep that on the downlow in middle school. The last thing I want is middle school hormones feeling like they have to find that special someone this week or the world is over! Anyway, last week was busy. This week won’t be as rushed.

Kindness Challenge
I really thought the week of kindness was great. I do not want to lose momentum. Each week we will pick one day to have acts of kindness. This week will be Thursday, Feb. 15th. I challenge the Ridgeview community to pick up the phone and call a friend that you have not spoke with in over a year. Let them know that even though you haven’t spoken to…

Week of 2/5 - 2/9/18

Hello Panthers! I hope you were able to get some rest over the weekend. I can’t say that I was able to take my own advice as it was a busy weekend! Always curious why they haven’t made the Monday after the Super Bowl into a holiday. Did you ever wonder what the average intake of calories is for that day? An incredible 2,400 calories over a period of four to five hours. This is second only to Thanksgiving in terms of single day intake. What does that mean? Not much, except we if you were one of those people you will feel a little more sluggish the next day. No time to be sluggish this week as we have events practically every night of the week. This past week was a little nutty. I don’t know why we have crazy moons, but I do know around those days it would be nice to be at home with the flu. Not sure how much you keep up with the science aspect, but the rare Super Blue-Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse set in mid-week. Apparently we haven’t had this phenomenon in 152 years. I tried to find some e…