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Week of 12/18 - 12/21/17

Hello Panthers! I hope you had a good weekend. The weather in Texas truly is crazy! How can it be so miserable on Saturday and so great on Sunday? Maybe our 8th graders know since they have been studying weather patterns :) Four days left to wrap up the semester. Just a reminder that we will be having midterms Monday - Wednesday. We will have a modified schedule on Thursday. We will have morning enrichment for the first two hours and then see each class period between 30-40 minutes. There will be no school for students on Friday! We return from the break on Tuesday, January 9th.

Great Shows! Thank you wonderful Fine Arts department for the concerts this week. They were amazing!

Thank you PTA!
I want to thank PTA for the wonderful Holiday Social that we had on Tuesday. We had over 200+ students stay after school to build gingerbread houses, decorate cookies, and sip on hot chocolate. We also had door prizes that were given out. It was a great event! I also want to thank everyone that made i…

Week of 12/11-12/15/17

Hello Panthers! What a wild finish to the week! I hope you were able to enjoy the snow! It only happens like that about once every 6-8 years. I am only sorry that it didn’t start a little sooner or last a little longer. The good news is that everyone was safe though and enjoyed a beautiful view! Unless you had someone like my son, who played a little too much in the snow without the proper clothing and ended up sick this weekend.
Upcoming Events If you haven’t had an opportunity to check out some of our Fine Arts groups in action, this is your week! We have a choir concert Monday, band Tuesday, and orchestra Wednesday. We are also in the middle of basketball season and have a great group of young men and women representing Ridgeview on the court. The boys play on Mondays and the girls on Thursday.
Holiday Social Event - 12/12 Each year, PTA sponsors a special Holiday Social Event. This year the event will take place after school on Tuesday, 12/12. The event will start around 3:50 and be o…

Week of 12/4-12/8/17

Hello Panthers! I hope you had a fabulous weekend! As for myself, I can’t complain. I was able to spend some time with family for my dad’s birthday. I have learned to celebrate each occasion with family and in typical guy fashion, a few grunts to the old man seem to go a long way :)

Growth Mindset Assembly Students were surprised with an assembly on Tuesday this past week. With the help of PTA, we were able to bring in Blake Brandes, a former America’s Got Talent contestant. He was able to share his message on having a positive mindset and what you are able to accomplish when you tell yourself that when you are not good at something, that is only the floor to what you will do in that area, not the ceiling. He also told the students that the word “yet” is powerful when making statements that in the past seemed negative, but now seem possible, such as “I am not good at Algebra - yet.” Blake also shared his talent for beatboxing and rapping. The students all received bookmarks on Thursday d…