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Week of 2/27-3/3/17

Hello Panthers! I hope you enjoyed the weird weather once again. I was out Saturday morning for around 3 hours and came back sunburned. Yesterday I was back to wearing a coat and gloves. Crazy weather. This week and next are kind of mild in terms of upcoming events.
Career Day What an amazing day we had on Friday! I am so thankful for all of our presenters that spoke with the students. I know that there was much learning that took place. One thing interesting to note after talking with the students. Some were really interested in a particular career field and others said that they were interested, but are not longer interested after learning more about the field. I think it is valid learning. How many times do we make a choice only to realize later that it is nothing like we expected? I started out as an electrical engineering major. That lasted up until I was able to drop classes with no penalty and switch my major to communication studies. I think it is best that students can a better …

Week of 2/21-2/24/17

Good evening Panthers! I hope you enjoyed the weather over the weekend! What a crazy change from Saturday to Sunday! We enjoyed having time to work together today and plan for the rest of the semester.

Career Day Career Day is set for Friday morning! We are excited about the presenters that are coming in to speak with our students. Currently we have 61 different professions listed and might be adding a couple more over the next two days. Please have your student sign-up for four sessions. Students should be familiar with how to use SCHED. Directions were emailed to them along with the link. If they have questions, AP’s and counselors will be available during lunch with laptops to help register. We will also increase the number of seats available for the most popular sessions each day. We need everyone to sign up by 2nd period Thursday morning at the latest! We will remind students, but maybe if you ask them which four sessions they signed up for, it will encourage them to get it done and…

Week of 2/13-2/17/17

Hello Panthers! What a beautiful weekend! Consequently, that led me to feeling old. You see, the weather was so great and baseball is just around the corner, I decided that throwing batting practice was a good idea. Unfortunately, at my age, I require a bit more stretching and working into throwing. By the time I woke up in the morning, my arm, shoulder, back, and legs were all sore. I guess that means I am out of shape! Oh well, it was fun for the kids and I wouldn’t trade the experience, except for maybe a good deep tissue massage.
Strange Things in the Sky This past week was marked with some strange happenings. Let’s talk about Friday night. A full moon is bad enough for most school teachers and administrators, but a “Full Snow Moon Penumbral Eclipse” is just crazy. For those of you interested, that is a snow moon, with a lunar eclipse and glimpse of a comet. I have told you before, I am a firm believer in the lunar lunacy effect, even though scientists say that it is mere urban legen…

Week of 2/6 - 2/10/17

Hello Panthers! I hope you had another wonderful weekend! Hopefully your favorite team won the Super Bowl or at least you had fun hanging out with friends. I heard this weekend that the Super Bowl is the second highest caloric intake day of the year, second only to Thanksgiving. I think I can probably agree with that. I think I had a blueberry in a cookie, can I count that in the fruit category? The weeks keep on churning. Before you know it, we will be at Spring Break.

Musical I have to tell you, I am kind of hard to impress. I have pretty high standards for accomplishment. I am not sure if that was just how I was raised or perhaps the bar that I raised as an underdog. Regardless, Ridgeview keeps making me smile! The hype was real! Hairspray was amazing! I kind of expected the individual performers to be amazing, but what really floored me was the amount of talent or depth of talent in the production. When you see 20+ students on stage singing and dancing to a choreographed set, it is p…