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Week of 10/31 - 11/4/16

Hello Panthers! I hope you had another wonderful weekend! So much for the cooler weather! More like, don't forget the sunscreen! Who would have thought it would be this hot at the end of October? We are entering the crunch time with many things going on, including the end of the six weeks. Be sure to stay up on all the events by checking the "Upcoming Events" tab and "Other News to Know".
Trunk or Treat Successful We had our first Trunk or Treat on Friday evening and it was a huge success! I don’t know how many people attended exactly, but it was a great turnout for our first try! Thank you to the PTA and all the wonderful people that set up trunks. We had some great themes! I can see this event expanding in the future and being even more successful now that we have had a trial run.
Coins for Coats We are nearing the end of our Coins for Coats contest. We only have one day left. Monday, October 31 is the last day of the competition. We are looking to raise $3000. Th…

Week of 10/24/16 - 10/28/16

Hello Panthers! I hope you rested over the weekend because this is going to be a busy week. We have many events going on. Make sure and check the tab “Upcoming Events” in Blogger. I have updated it through the week that we are out of school for Thanksgiving. For some it is a source of anxiety and for others a source of joy and light at the end of the tunnel, regardless, we are only four short weeks away from it. Also in the "Other News to Know" there is a link for Veteran's Day which will be Friday, Nov. 11th. Be sure to invite a veteran to Ridgeview!
Red Ribbon Week We kick the week off with Red Ribbon style. Each day will have a theme. Monday (10/24) - "My Future is too Bright to do Drugs" - wear Neon Tuesday (10/25) -  "Superheroes Don't do Drugs" - wear superhero costume Wednesday (10/26) - "Team up Against Drugs" - Team spirit attire Thursday (10/27) - "I 'mustache' you Not to use Drugs" - wear a mustache Friday (10/28) - …

Week of 10/17/16 - 10/21/16

Hello Panthers! I hope you had a restful weekend! I am not sure if it was the full moon or what, but I just had an eerie weekend. Nothing bad happened, just a feeling of apprehension or being on guard. Sometimes I refer to it as my “Spidey Senses.” Some might say I need a nap. It is kind of weird to look at literature about intuition as it really is just a feeling. Some try to rationalize it as honing our perceptions based on what all the senses are taking in. Others say it is based on our unconscious experiences. I think it is important to collect information and make accurate presumptions rather than just going with gut instincts. Regardless, it never hurts to try and be in touch with all your senses :) I am looking forward to a good week!

Spirit Night I just want to remind you that Spirit Night will take this place this Tuesday at Chili's Restaurant in the Stone Hill Center in Pflugerville. The event will take place from 5:00 - 10:00. I also want to thank one of our other Ridgevie…

Week of 10/11-10/14/16

Hello Panthers! I hope you enjoyed the weekend! What great weather we had! Yesterday was time well spent with teachers as we reflected on last year, the last six weeks, and then focused on improvements for this school year and in particular the next six weeks. Just as we have our work cut out for us, our students have work to do as well.

TEA Report Card and Distinctions I am not sure when this will officially be sent out, but I attached a report summary for everyone. At first glance, we look really good in the four domains. However, for the second year in a row, Ridgeview did not receive a distinction. Distinctions are awarded for being in the top ten out of forty of your comparison group for different categories.Some might see this and think that we have not improved as a campus. This assumption would not be accurate. In fact, we improved on almost every measure possible. The problem that we are facing (it’s a good problem) is that we are in a very competitive school comparison group wi…

Week of 10/3 - 10/7/16

Hello Panthers! I hope you had a great weekend and were able to get out and enjoy the weather. What a busy day for the Ridgeview community on Saturday. I am proud to say that everyone survived the multiple events going on and the fundraiser for band was a big success. Thanks to everyone that attended. Our groups at the Chalk Walk also enjoyed success as did our Cross Country team that competed at Old Settler’s Park against a ton of other competitors. Sorry I didn’t include them in all the happenings on Saturday.
This week is a little bit more normal without as many events happening although we do have band and choir performing in addition to football and volleyball. This is also the start of the second six weeks. I encourage students to set goals for the second six weeks based on feedback from the first six weeks. Weekly goals work best, which get you to the ultimate goal for the six weeks.
Festival of Bands This annual event takes place Monday, 10/3/16 at Kelly Reeves Athletic Complex an…