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Week of 8/29-9/2/16

Good evening Panthers! I hope you had an enjoyable weekend! The first week is complete and we move on to the second week. Don’t be surprised if your student is a little drained by the end of the week as we get back into the swing of a full week. The good news is that we are off on Monday! We have several events this week that I want to make sure you are aware of.

8th Grade Parents SSI brochures were sent home Friday. SSI stands for Student Support Initiative. Basically it gives parents information about the state requirements for passing STAAR during a student’s 8th grade year and letting you know that a student is required to pass both the Reading and Math portions before being promoted to 9th grade. Let me know if you have questions.

Attendance Letters Last year there was a concerted effort to really have students in school and reduce unexcused absences. Students will get sick or have other things come up that will require them to miss school. Please make sure that you send a note when s…

Week of 8/22-8/26/16

Hello Panthers! I hope you had a great weekend! The first day of school is almost here and we are eagerly anticipating the start of a new school year! We had a fantastic turnout for Panther Welcome! Thank you to everyone that attended and your patience if you arrived within the first 30 minutes when we had long lines. Next year will be the year that we have everything streamlined.
First Day Expectations The North entrance will open at 7:00 on Tuesday morning. Advisory rosters will be posted in the commons area by grade level. Students should find their name and which room to report to (advisory). Students will be released by grade level starting around 8:10. Once in the advisory room, students will be given a fresh schedule reflective of any changes that might have been made over the last week. Students will use this new schedule. If a schedule change is sought, the online form will still be available. We will have a modified bell schedule for the first day with students reporting to eac…

Week of 8/8-8/23/16

Hello Panthers! We are getting close to the start of school and I am getting excited for what I feel will be our best year yet. From here on out, I will use the blog format that many of you are accustomed to me using over the last year. Remember to click on the links to get the right information. Helpful links include: “Upcoming Events” and “Other News to Know.” There are also tabs for “Football Information” and “Volleyball Information.”

Panther Camp for 6th Graders Tomorrow is Panther Camp for incoming 6th grade students. Just to give advance warning, 6th graders will be taking pictures that will be used for their ID cards. Also, we ask that parents go through the car rider line for drop-off. We will actually extend the drop-off to the front of the school so that we can exit students quickly and keep the line moving.

Panther Camp begins at 8:00 and will end at 12:00.

7th Graders This is another reminder that 7th graders need to take care of vaccination and immunization requirements before …