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Week of 05/31-06/03/16

Hello Panthers, I hope you were able to enjoy the three day weekend. I spent much of the weekend trying to practice what I preach. Two of the days were spent helping with a family that was flooded by the rain on Thursday. I can tell you it was an exhausting experience. It is an almost overwhelming project when you think about how much needs to be done. Look around and imagine five inches of dirty water filling your home. I am very thankful to all the volunteers that work on a regular basis to help families. One such group is the Austin Disaster Relief Network. They are constantly in need of help, especially given all the recent disasters we have had in Central Texas between fires and floods. It is a great experience and very humbling.
Award Ceremonies I want to thank all the parents who came to the award ceremonies. I think they went smoothly for the most part. I did want to let you know that we had a computer error when running the honor roll criteria. Therefore, we had new certificates…

Week of 5/23-5/27/16

Hello Panthers! I hope you had a wonderful weekend. After spending much of my time in Houston, I sure am thankful to live in Central Texas where you don’t sweat all the time, just because. No offense to Houston, I still hope you are able to get into the Big 12 this summer. In all seriousness, we are down to the final two weeks and they will be packed! Please take note of the items below.

Field Trips We are almost done with field trips! 6th grade leaves Monday morning. 7th grade will leave on Friday. In between we have a trip for 6th grade Fine Arts students, who will perform and then have some fun!

Award Ceremonies Tuesday, May 24th we will be having both the 6th and 7th grade Award Ceremonies. Although we would love to have everyone win an award, that is just not the case. We did, however, add a few awards this year to increase the number of students receiving awards. Please note the times! 6th grade has been slated to start at 9:00. This is when we will begin seating. We will not let par…

Week of 5/16-5/20/16

Hello Panthers! I hope you had a wonderful weekend! It seems to be an extremely busy time of year. Normally I would be upset that the rain came in on Saturday and wiped out some weekend plans, but actually, it was probably the best thing that could have happened. It actually slowed things down and allowed for some good family time and rest that was sorely needed. I was just happy to get the yard mowed before the rain came again Sunday night. Looking at the forecast, we could be in for another wet week, with predictions for it to rain pretty much every day this week. Maybe it will slow us down and let us get back to business after all the testing and change in schedules last week. Please be sure and click on the tabs for “Upcoming Events” for news on the last three weeks and “Other News to Know” as there are some important PTA announcements included.

8th Grade Formal What a magical night! It was great to send the 8th grade class off with a night all to themselves! The students looked fant…

Week of 5/9-5/13/16

Hello Panthers! I hope you had an amazing weekend! What a busy time of season it seems to be! It is not going to slow down over the next month as we wind our way to the end of the school year. I have a few notes about STAAR. Make sure you check the Other News to Know for important announcements from the school nurse! This past week was Teacher Appreciation Week and I have to say that we have a great group of parents at Ridgeview that really made us feel special! PTA did a phenomenal job of taking care of the staff with something planned each day last week. Thanks a million for making us feel special! I also want to give a big thank you to Randolph Brooks Federal Credit Union for donating tote bags for the school to use during testing. This is a huge help and they are an amazing organization.

STAAR Testing As you know, this is our big week for STAAR testing as a campus. 6th/7th grade test Monday and Tuesday and 8th grade tests Wednesday and Thursday. Please keep in mind that we will be a …

Week of 5/2-5/6/16

Hello Panthers, Another week closer to the end of the school year! It is hard to believe that we are in the month of May. This is the time of year that things start getting busy with end of the year trips, award ceremonies, and testing. Hang in there! We will survive the last month and persevere.
Calendar of Events Make sure you check the calendar frequently as we have many upcoming events. There are two ways to do this. You can either check on the RMS website calendar or click the “Upcoming Events” tab at the top of the blog. Hopefully they match! If not, my staff is usually pretty good about letting me know so that we make corrections as soon as possible. This week we have two amazing groups performing! Our bands will play on Thursday night at the Performing Arts Center from 6:00-8:00. Our Ridgeview Dance Team will be performing on Friday from 7:00-8:00 and again Saturday from 2:00-3:00. In a couple of weeks we will have a combo of an Orchestra Concert along with an Art Gallery Night. …