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Week of 3/28-4/1/16

Hello Panthers! I hope you had a wonderful 3 day weekend! The wind died down and the sun came out, hopefully you were able to enjoy the outdoors away from oak trees and pollen :) This is a big week for us because we have the first round of state testing on Tuesday for 7th (Writing) and 8th grade (Math) and Wednesday for 7th grade (Accel Math) and 8th grade (Reading). The campus will be closed to visitors and deliveries during testing.
I have nothing but positive thoughts going into these two days. I feel that our students are well prepared. I am hoping to see gains not only in overall passing percentages, but also increases in the Level 2 and Level 3 range. With the new testing criteria, how we rank against our comparison schools overall is critical to the school receiving distinctions. My only concern is their confidence in themselves. Some students put too much pressure on themselves, which can be detrimental with high-stakes testing. I looked up a couple of websites for…

Week of 3/21-3/24/16

Hello Panthers! I hope you had a great week away from school. The break was good for me, not that I did anything exciting, but sometimes taking it easy is good too. I need to eat a little crow to get us started. The 8th graders beat the teachers in basketball. I am disappointed and I can put out some good excuses, such as the number of players used by the students that kept the teams fresh while the teachers had limited numbers and obviously were not in shape (myself mainly). Congrats to the students, they have bragging rights, for now!

New Bleachers Over the past week, we also had an installation of new bleachers in the gym. I have not actually seen the final product as they were still working on them yesterday, but am excited about the new addition. I am encouraging our students to take pride in them and make sure they last!

Mental Health Conference I actually went to a training on Friday (who goes to training during Spring Break?) that I think was beneficial. The training was called You…

Week of 3/7-3/11/16

Hey Panthers! I hope you had a great weekend and were able to spend time with the family. This past week was extremely busy at school and I think everyone is looking forward to Spring Break! Kids have been a little wilder than normal and adults patience has been a little shorter than normal. What does that mean? Well, I am hoping that we got it out last week and will have a much better week this week!
Career Day I want to thank everyone that helped out or volunteered to be part of Career Day. I am going to count it as a major success! We had almost 70 professions represented and almost 1400 students went to hear about four of those professions. I sent surveys out to the presenters, teachers, and students and the majority has been very positive! There are always a few issues to iron out. Much of it rests on the student side. Mainly, students who didn’t sign up for sessions were not as interested. Imagine that! My only response is, sign up yourself next time. We had a few cancellations, bu…