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Week of 2/29-3/4/16

Hello Panthers!
I hope you were able to enjoy the weather this weekend and spend some quality time with the family! Happy birthday to all you Leap Year people! I don’t personally know anyone with a birthday on Leap Year, but think it must be kind of weird to only be able to truly celebrate once every four years. I will keep it short this week and give you a break. Just a couple of things on the list.

UIL Tournament I want to give a huge thank you to all the volunteers that worked the UIL tournament on Saturday morning. It was a huge success! We had many adults come up and tell us how well the tournament was run and how nice the school and hosts were. We had a true collaborative effort between staff, students, and parents to pull the event off. In all, we had over 650 participants from across the district. When I left to go to daddy duty at the baseball fields, the results were not final, but it looked like we were very close to trophy status. I will get an update out later this week. Tha…

Week of 2/22/16

Hello Panthers! I hope you had a great weekend! I enjoyed seeing rain again. I didn’t think I would after we had so much, but it was time for it to rain. This week looks to be a little less busy than last week. Thanks to everyone that attended our Spirit Day at High Country Market. It was awesome to see so many parents and the workers wearing Ridgeview shirts! I cannot thank our community sponsors enough for giving back to Ridgeview! 

We do have several events this week that I want to make you aware of though. Report cards come home this week. PSAT results will come home with 8th graders. I have included a pretty lengthy blog on mindset. Try to read it when you have an opportunity. It was good material for me to chew on.

AVID Meeting Parents of 8th graders interested in or nominated for AVID can attend a meeting at Cedar Ridge in the Lecture Hall at 6:30 to discuss the program and answer questions.

Career Day We are trying to finalize speakers for Career Day. If you are interested, please c…

Week of 2/16-2/19/16

Hello Panthers, I hope you enjoyed the three day weekend. The Ridgeview staff was busy on Monday being creative and learning about whole brain instruction. Much of it centered on tapping into the right side of our brain.

Left Brain vs Right Brain The right side of the brain controls things like creativity, imagination, feelings, visualization and fine motor skills. The left side is of the brain is commonly recognized for logic, analysis, sequencing, computation, and language. Interestingly, we seem to prefer one side over the other based on our learning styles. More interestingly as I scanned the Internet, there is actually research that says it is all a myth and that humans always use both sides of the brain. I am no neuroscientist, but I do tend to believe things that make sense. The idea of the brain needing to be exercised in different areas makes complete sense to me. I believe that you are able to become more creative through different activities which center on right brain activi…

Week of 2/8-2/12/16

Hey Panthers!
Sorry for the late edition. I have been off my game this weekend. Maybe I can blame it on allergies. We have a few events this week that I need to make sure you know about. The first is Fine Arts night, on Tuesday 2/9. The second is an information session for current 6th/7th grade parents in regards to choice sheets and looking forward to high school. This will be on Friday 2/12 at 12:00 at Ridgeview.
I have included some important information from PTA in the “Other News to Know.” Please check it out.
Student Highlights
This week you have another opportunity to see our students shine. Tonight, our basketball boys conclude the season. 8th grade will play at Cedar Ridge for the District title. Wednesday, the girls will be playing their final game. We also have the second round of "Into the Woods" put on by our own Ridgeview theater troupe. I went to two shows this past week and they are amazing. Kudos to our students and theater teachers that work with them. The show…