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Week of 2/1-2/5/16

Hello Panthers,
I hope you had a great weekend and were able to enjoy the weather. It is going to be a busy week. Please look at the tabs to keep up with all the activities.

Early Release Enrichment I am super excited about Wednesday and our early release enrichments. We opened our wings a little and allowed students to sign up for three enrichment sessions as opposed to one. Much of this was at the request of the students who love doing the enrichment sessions. I want to also put out a plug for our March enrichment sessions which will focus on Careers! If you would like to volunteer to come talk about your career, we would love to have you. It will be March 2nd, from 8:30-10:30 in the morning. Please email
Transition Meetings This past week I had the pleasure of visiting each of our three feeder elementary campuses to meet with parents. We also had a parent night last Tuesday for incoming 6th grade students. This week we have meetings for 8th graders transi…

Week of 1/25-1/29/16

Hello Panthers! I hope you had a great weekend! For the football fans still out there I hope that your favorite teams made it to the Super Bowl. As I stated last week, I am beginning to send email messages to students like I send to you. I figure it can’t hurt to communicate my message directly, since it is near impossible to see every student face-to-face in a timely manner. A couple of generic reminders to look at the other tabs on the blog to see dates of upcoming events and other important announcements. The cafeteria survey is operational and looking for input to make improvements. There are mandatory cheerleader meetings coming up for 8th graders. Transition meetings for 5th and 8th graders. Also, I really want to encourage you to give up two hours and volunteer for our Career Fair on March 3. It will be from 8:30-10:30. This is a great way to connect with our students and teach them about your career. We need to finalize our selection of career options in the next week so that w…

Week of 01/18-01/22

Good afternoon Panthers! I hope you are having a refreshing day of service. Things are about to start moving fast as we start the second semester. Please look at the calendar of events on the website or refer to the “Upcoming Events” tab on the blog. We will be having several informative meetings for transition students, 5th to 6th, and 8th to 9th. In addition, choice sheets will be coming out in the very near future. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact a grade level administrator or counselor. We have many events on our “Other News to Know” page as well. Please click on that tab to keep informed. Also, our school report card was attached through SchoolMessenger. This will be sent home in paper form next week with students.

Career Fair We are still in need of volunteers for career fair. We would love to have you on campus! The date is March 2nd, from 8:30-10:30 am. There will be four 25 minute rotations with time for questions and answers built in. If you are in…

Week of 1/11-1/15/16

Good morning Panthers! I hope you had a restful weekend and were able to keep warm. What a difference in the weather! I went into the weekend in much need of a rest. The first week back after an extended break is always tiring. The students did really well this last week getting back into the routine of things. I talked with many about goals for the new year and was excited to hear many had goals about doing better in school.
Study Skill Tip of the Week - Sleep Last week I had a few tips on organization that I shared. This week I would like to talk about another issue that impacts academics and is part of study skills that many do not typically associate: sleep. Most teenagers on average are sleep deprived. The average teenager needs 9 hours of sleep. Only 15% of teens actually get the required amount of sleep. What does this look like? Well, it looks like your middle schooler going to sleep around 9:30 at night and getting up around 6:30 in the morning. Obviously the time can fluctuate …

Week of 1/4-1/8/2016

Welcome back Panthers! I hope everyone had an enjoyable time over the last two weeks. Hopefully everyone is rested and ready to get back into action. Sometimes I think parents are more ready for school to start than the students, especially if you have siblings that seem to argue and pick at each other non-stop! I don’t know what it is. I know that they love each other (at least deep down) but they just can’t seem to stop bothering each other. I hope I am not the only parent that experienced that over the break. I mean, I hope I was the only one that experienced that and no one else had that experience.
With a semester, we often bring new energy and new hopes. While the slate is not wiped clean, it is an opportunity for students to make changes for the better. It is my hope that all students will have goals for improving academics. Each week I will try to highlight a study tip to help out. Much of the academic improvement teens seek comes from better study habits. Organization is a fun…