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Week of 12/12/16 - 12/15/16

Hello Panthers! I hope you had a wonderful weekend! Personally, I feel like I need another day. It just went too fast and the Cowboys lost :( I want to thank everyone that came out to the school this past week to support your student in various activities. We have amazing support from our parents, families, and community. We had wonderful performances from the band and orchestra during three nights. Our Lady Panthers continue to impress on the court and the boys are looking good as well. We had a wonderful Fun Run on Friday night. Thank you to all the volunteers and vendors that took part! We also have great kids! Part of the Coins for Coats pay off for the winning advisory classes was pie in the face for me and NJHS members. Luckily some of the kids have bad aim! I did get nailed a couple of times though. Needless to say, it was the last straw and the beard had to come off after smelling that whipped cream and not being able to wash it out :)
Lost and Found We will once again have all l…

Week of 12/05/16 - 12/09/16

Hello Panthers! Wow the weekend went fast! Maybe it was the rain. Actually, I think the rain usually slows things down. Anyway, it is back to work! This week will be busy with games and festivities.  Please look at the “Upcoming Events” tab to stay on top of it all. Keep an umbrella handy, the rain doesn’t look like it is going away anytime soon this week :(
Reflections Contest I am happy to announce that we had a student move on to the state level judging for the PTA reflections contest. Congrats Sophia T!
Sign Comes Down I was glad to see that some middle schoolers were actually paying attention to their surroundings and noticed the “Proud to be a Cedar Valley Jag” sign that was in my window. I had a few 8th graders that were actually upset about it. I guess my question was why wasn’t everyone upset? Maybe moving forward I can use it as motivation to remember that we try to do our best in everything that we do. I would really like us to take that to heart in the classroom and our academi…

Week of 11/28/16-12/2/16

Hello Panthers! I hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving! It was a much needed break for myself. It was also an opportunity to try new things. For instance, I am proud to say that I made my first smoked turkey. I also made a fried turkey in an oil-less fryer. I had my doubts. How can you fry something without oil? I wouldn’t call it so much fried, but it definitely cooked the bird. I tried it a few weeks ago on a trial run and it did not turn out well. I am proud to say that this one turned out much better. But enough about turkeys, it is time to get serious! This week we are back to the grind and believe me, it will be a grind for three long weeks before the next break. I need your help in motivating your students to do their absolute best with buckling down on assignments and studying. Looking over the data from the past two six weeks, it is clear that missing assignments are a huge red flag. While it is true that daily work is not a significant portion of the grade (10%) it is signifi…

Week of 11/14/16 - 11/18/16

Hello Panthers! I hope you had a great weekend! I have noticed that when my favorite college football teams when over the weekend that I have a much better weekend. Sounds petty as to how something that I have absolutely no direct influence over can affect my mood. That is probably a character flaw on my end, but just being real. It has me wondering what other things that I have no control over play a role in my happiness.
Congrats are in order! Ridgeview Fine Arts has been racking up the honors lately! I told you last week that we had success, but left out a few. In choir, we had 14 students make the Regional Choir, this is almost double our previous best. At the Renaissance Festival, we had a duet acting couple place 3rd. At One Act Play, we had 6 students receive honors including 2 All-Star cast and 1 Best Supporting Actress. Our band might have taken the cake this weekend placing 29 students in the Regional Band! This almost tripled the number from last year. We also had our 8th grad…

Week of 11/7/16 - 11/11/16

Hello Panthers! I hope you were able to stay dry over the weekend! I just loved that it started to pour exactly three minutes before we released from the 7th grade dance Friday night! It all went well. I want to thank the parents who were patient with the dismissal as we shuttled students to their car from under the cover. This week starts the third six weeks in the semester! Can you believe how fast the year is going? Neither can I. This past week was BUSY! This week will be a little calmer as we all catch our breath, but Friday is a big day for Ridgeview as we celebrate Veteran’s Day. More information is below.
Veteran’s Day Parade - Nov 11th - 7:45 am - 8:30 am Friday morning, November 11th,  will be our annual Veteran’s Day Parade. The festivities will begin at 7:45 in the morning with a breakfast for our veterans in the Lecture Hall. We will transition to the library for some entertainment and photo opportunities before beginning the parade. We are still seeking veterans in the comm…

Week of 10/31 - 11/4/16

Hello Panthers! I hope you had another wonderful weekend! So much for the cooler weather! More like, don't forget the sunscreen! Who would have thought it would be this hot at the end of October? We are entering the crunch time with many things going on, including the end of the six weeks. Be sure to stay up on all the events by checking the "Upcoming Events" tab and "Other News to Know".
Trunk or Treat Successful We had our first Trunk or Treat on Friday evening and it was a huge success! I don’t know how many people attended exactly, but it was a great turnout for our first try! Thank you to the PTA and all the wonderful people that set up trunks. We had some great themes! I can see this event expanding in the future and being even more successful now that we have had a trial run.
Coins for Coats We are nearing the end of our Coins for Coats contest. We only have one day left. Monday, October 31 is the last day of the competition. We are looking to raise $3000. Th…