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Week of 12/14-12/17

Good morning Panthers! Well, we are down to the last week of the semester! This year really has gone by quickly. I hope your student has had an excellent experience so far. I am really noticing an improvement in so many areas. That is not to say that we don’t have work to do. There are still areas that we need to improve on as faculty and students. I think we are ready for the challenge though and look forward to making this an outstanding year.
We have some seriously talented students at Ridgeview. It seems like every week we are raking in awards from different competitions. This week is no different as results came in from the PTA Reflections contest. Ridgeview had six students receive awards of excellence, four awards of merit, and three honorable mentions. This is an excellent showing in all categories, from choreography, to literature, to photography, to visual arts. It is amazing when you let your imagination fly! Keep sending me your experiences. My next blog will have a Panther …

Week of 12/7-12/11

Good morning Panthers! I hope you had a restful weekend! The end of the first semester is quickly coming to a close. At the end of the semester it is always a good time to reflect on what is working and what needs adjustments. Surveys will be coming out over the course of the next two weeks. I invite you to be honest in your feedback about what we are doing well at Ridgeview and what we can improve on. January is also when we start planning for the next school year as crazy as that sounds. Choice sheets will be available in February and we will start having parent information sessions for 8th graders about high school and academy options in January.
I am not sure if you read the RRISD news that gets sent out each week, but Ridgeview made the press two times in the latest edition. Old news to those of you that read my blog, but we were recognized for being the overall winner in the “Coins for Coats” drive. Our theater department also received kudos for the awards we received at the Renai…