Week of 2/10 - 2/14/20

Hello Panthers!
What a soggy weekend ending! I am alright with it though, we needed some rain. After our snow day, every car in Central Texas needed a little rain to wash off the muck left behind. It was pretty cool to see the kids having fun in the snow on Weds morning. Hopefully they didn’t get sick! Friday marks the end of the six weeks, so let’s take care of those grades this week.

Snow Ball Dance a Success!
Wow, we had a bunch of students come to the dance on Friday! It was awesome seeing all the students dressed up and having a good time. I want to give a special shout out to PTA, especially our dance coordinator who did an amazing job on the decorations! I also want to thank the WatchDogs for added safety, and our student volunteers from Student Council who were helping out. My only disappointment was in the trash that was left in the lower commons. We tried to get the students to pick up trash on top of tables, but it did not go as well as it should have, so we closed the dance …

Week of 2/3-2/7/20

Hello Panthers!
I am curious what percent of our students watch the Super Bowl? I know that there are students and adults that don’t like football or could care less. I am curious how many of those people still go to Super Bowl parties or watch the game for the commercials or halftime show. I am also curious about the average calorie intake on Super Bowl Sunday. I read an article that said the average Super Bowl party attendee will take in between 10,000 and 11,000 calories for the day. Oh my goodness! That is even more shocking than J Lo’s wardrobe. She totally would have been dress coded at Ridgeview :) I also read an interesting fact that 8 million pounds of guacamole was expected to be eaten. Think about that. Someone who is a better estimator than I am broke that out in relation to a football field and said that you could cover a football field eleven feet deep in guacamole. Wow! It also makes you wonder how much food is thrown away at the end of the night. I couldn’t find a numb…

Week of 1/27 - 1/31/20

Hello Panthers!
I hope you had a wonderful weekend! The weather was certainly different between Saturday and Sunday. It is amazing what weather in the 70’s will do for your energy level. It is that time of year for choice sheets. Over the next two weeks, students will have met with counselors to go over options for elective choices for the 2020-2021 school year. This week is kindness week, so think about how you can be a kinder person, both inside and outside of school!

Current 6th and 7th graders wanting to be a Cheerleader for the 2020/2021 school year
There are mandatory Cheer Meetings this week - Mon - 1/27 or Weds -1/29 from 5:30 - 7:00 pm in the RMS Lecture Hall. A parent and student MUST attend one of the two sessions in order to be eligible to become a cheerleader.

Incoming 6th grade Fine Art and Elective Night - Tuesday, 1/28 - (6:00 - 8:00 pm)
Incoming 6th grade parents and students are invited to learn more about Ridgeview and elective choices for next year. We will start in …

Week of 1/21-1/24/20

Hello Panthers!
I hope you were able to enjoy the three-day weekend. I was amazed at how many students did not know why we had off Monday. I guess it is a double-edged sword to have students out on a holiday such as Martin Luther King Day, where students might not get to hear or learn about the impact that he made on American history. I feel part of that is a flaw in the school and I take responsibility for that. MLK Day is about remembrance and service to others. My hope is that we were successful as a community in one of those areas, if not both.

Parent Climate Survey
Don't forget to take the Parent Climate Survey. I would love to have at least 700 surveys completed for our school. They really do give us helpful information about where we can improve and what we are doing well! Thank you for taking time to do this!

CRHS Wellness Fair (@ CRHS Cafeteria) Jan. 22nd - 5:00 - 7:00 pm
This event has expanded since last week. It is going to be big! Join CRHS for a New Year and New You Wel…

Week of 1/13-1/17/20

Hello Panthers!
I hope you had an exceptional weekend! Coming back from the holidays can take some time to get back up to speed. I feel like we had a solid three days in our return to Ridgeview. I look forward to the new week as we look forward to meeting 5th graders in stops at Gattis and Forest Creek. The end of the month and first two weeks of February students will be meeting with counselors and filling out choice sheets for next year. If you have an 8th grade student, please click on the tab to see all dates pertaining to information sessions and timelines.

Mark your Calendar - Career Day - 3/13 - 8:30 - 10:30 am
Every year Ridgeview has a terrific Career Day that allows students to explore different options for a potential career path. It takes amazing parents and community volunteers to make it possible. If you would like to be a presenter or know someone that would, please visit our Link for Career Day Presenters and fill out the form. If you don’t and you have a unique profess…

Week of 1/8-1/10/20

Hello Panthers!
So happy to be back at school. Believe it or not, I have missed the students and teachers and general business of work. What I could do without is this cedar pollen! I don’t know about you, but the itchy eyes and throat, and ears along with the drainage in the throat is just bleh! I hear we might have rain on Friday, so there is hope yet that we will get a reprieve. In the meantime, I encourage you to cut down your nearest cedar tree. Just kidding, kind of, not really. This week will be pretty calm for the most part as we ease students back into the routine, but this is kind of like that part on the roller coaster where you start off going slow and straight up. In a couple of weeks we will reach the top and it will be fast and furious until that break in March, where we crawl back up again and swoosh to the finish.

Parent Information Sessions for 8th grade students going to High School
If you are an 8th grade parent or a 6th or 7th grade parent that wants to get a jump st…

Week of 12/16-12/19/19

Hello Panthers!
I hope you were able to enjoy the perfect weather over the weekend! Wow, what a great way to kick off the last week of the semester! It will be a short week, but a busy week!

Art Market
If you didn’t have a chance to attend the RMS Art Pop-up Market, you missed out! What talented individuals we have. I was so impressed with what I saw from our young artists!

Blue Jean and Sock Drive Ends Soon!
I need your help Ridgeview! We are not close to our goal of 1500 pair. Please look around the house and bring in as many pairs of blue jeans that no longer fit as possible. The socks need to be new pairs of socks. All donated pairs will benefit the Round Rock ISD Clothes Closet. We will accept donations through the end of the week, but will name a winning advisory for each grade level Tuesday afternoon. These donations directly benefit RRISD students. What a great way to give for the holiday season!

Holiday Social - Tuesday, December 17th - 3:45 - 5:00
PTA will be hosting a holiday s…