Week of 5/20-5/24/19

Hello Panthers!
I hope you had a great weekend! I was able to relax after a long week. I am so thankful for not having a baseball tournament this weekend! I am also grateful that a long week of testing is over! It is hard to believe that this is the last week of school. Honestly, it feels like we should have another month, or maybe that is just how far behind I am on closing out the year. It has been a superb year and I hope that your student can say the same!

8th Grade Picnic
I can’t say enough positive things about the volunteers that helped with the 8th grade picnic. What a huge success! Thank you PTA for providing this parting gift to the 8th grade class. I also want to thank Flavorlicious for partnering with the school to provide snow cones. It takes extreme planning and coordinating to throw a party for 450+. Thank you Mrs. Becerra for taking on this task! I heard nothing but compliments from the students! I also appreciate the students going back outside after the event to leave…

Week of 5/13-5/17/19

Hello Panthers!
I hope you were able to take advantage of the great weather on Sunday. I think the cold weather on Friday was not so kind as we have had some illness spreading in the school at the wrong time. There are still cases of the flu, which sounds crazy, but not considering the weird weather we have been having. All that to say take your vitamin C, wash your hands, and get plenty of fluids and sleep over the next two weeks to help stay healthy.

Teacher Appreciation Week
I want to give a huge thank you to PTA and all the parent volunteers that made it an amazing teacher appreciation week! It is such a pleasure to work in a community that shows appreciation for the hard work that teachers put in every single day with your students! Thank you for all of your support!

End of Year Ceremonies
We have had discussion over End of Year Ceremonies based on feedback from last year. One topic that came up over and over was showing respect to all participants in regards to the noise and distract…

Week of 5/6-5/10/19

Hello Panthers!
I hope you had an exciting weekend! It was exciting if you happened to be outside on Friday evening! Looks like more rain ahead this week at some point in time. On a positive note, my wife had been getting on to me about fixing flower beds in my yard. I wouldn’t say that I was procrastinating, but let’s just say that I haven’t given them attention in about 6 months. So Sunday I go to check them out. Lo and behold there are dewberries growing! I grew up in the country and have eaten dewberries for most of my life and should have known better, but I have been cutting the prickly vines and hollering about the stickers in my fingers for the past five years thinking that they were weeds! My point being, just because something doesn’t fit your own profile of good, doesn’t mean it can’t turn into something special. If you want to stretch that into an analogy for your teen or for some of my students that have turned it around, I will let you, but be careful how you word it. An…

Week of 4/29-5/3/19

Hello Panthers!
Hope you were able to get out in the sun this weekend. Hopefully if you were out in the sun, you did a better job of applying sunscreen than I did. I am beginning to realize that just because it has a high SPF, there might be something to the brand. The brand I used wasn’t working for me. I have some wonderful red streaks now reminiscent of a barber pole. Anyway, not too much on the agenda this week, take advantage and get ready for the last month!

Student Success!
Saturday I was able to see RMS perform at the district One Act Play. What an amazing performance! In addition to being the top play, we also had several actors take home honors. All Star Cast went to Ainsley G. and Peyton T. Honorable Mention All Star Cast went to Samantha G. and Ava T. Finally, the best of the best, Best Actor went to Lucas M. I want to thank all our students and directors for the hours put in and congrats on a magnificent performance of Midsummer Night’s Dream!

We also had band solo and ens…

Week of 4/22-4/26/19

Hello Panthers!
I don’t know about you, but I always seem to come back from an extended weekend more tired and seemingly less prepared than a regular weekend. Is it because we have the impression that we have more time to do things? Is it because we take on projects that we know we can’t get done in a normal weekend? Or is it because we are spending time with family and putting other responsibilities on the back burner? I was pretty productive on Friday and Saturday. I guess somehow that meant that I could be a slacker on Sunday. I have often wondered about the role of sleep. I haven’t had 7 hours of sleep in a single night since the winter holiday. This weekend I slept for 10 hours. I worked hard on Saturday, but found myself on Sunday wanting 10 hours of sleep again. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. Who knows what Monday morning will bring. Whatever it is, and I might just be speaking for myself, it will probably feel like “back to the grind.”

Welcome Incoming 6th graders!
This wee…

Week of 4/15-4/18/19

Hello Panthers!
We made it through another week and interesting weekend! I guess the crazy weather Saturday was to be expected in order to earn the great weather on Sunday. 8th grade made it to San Antonio and back. I want to thank Coach Cornejo for volunteering to drive after we had charter bus issues. I would also like to thank Mr. Jones, and Mr. Jansson for volunteering to chaperone kids on the yellow bus. Finally, I want to thank the kids who did not get to ride the charter bus for not complaining. They were great about understanding the situation and it was really a yellow bus or not going at all. I also want to thank all the students for two great days of testing! Sometimes it gets pretty chaotic and stressful. The students did an amazing job with both testing and keeping quiet for those that were testing. Just think, only six Mondays left in the school year, but only four more Fridays!

Lauren Strong Fun Run
Thanks to everyone that attended the Fun Run for awareness and prevention …

Week of 4/8-4/12/19

Hello Panthers!
I hope you had a great weekend! Hopefully you weren't impacted by any flooding or high winds. I know that it was rainy, but I am thankful for the rain and hope that it washed much of the pollen out of the air. I know it knocked much of it out of the trees as my car looked like a fuzzy caterpillar Sunday morning. I guess that is what I get for having it parked underneath an oak tree. Still hopeful for less allergy issues!

Beautification Day
Well we took a hit with the weather, but I am so thankful to the volunteers and families that showed up. We were still able to get much done in a short amount of time, it just won’t be as obvious as the additions we had in the past with new flower beds and the rock garden. We were able to powerwash the front entrance, trim trees, and get some painting done. We will be finishing the projects in the near future, stay tuned for a date and time.

Big Thanks to PTA!
We have such an amazing PTA. I just wanted to give them some public praise.…