Panher Press - Week of 5/18 - 5/22/20

Hello Panthers!
I can’t believe it is the last week of school. It just doesn’t feel right. It doesn’t seem right. Usually I am planning for wrapping things up with teachers, going over final schedules for the last day of school, and looking forward to high school graduations, the talent show, and thwarting the last day of school shenanigans. I guess I just have a sense of emptiness. I miss hearing the noise of 1300 students. I miss their happy faces, their tired faces, and even their grumpy faces. Who would have thought the Friday for Spring Break would have effectively been the last day of school? Although it kind of felt like it with all the kids getting picked up early that day. I hope we have a great week. I know it will be a busy week for teachers, not so much for students, except those that might still be turning in assignments to bring grades up. Remember, you have until the end of the day Wednesday to get those assignments in. I do know this, the spirit of Ridgeview is special.…

Panther Press - Week of 5/11 - 5/15/20

Hello Panthers!
Sorry for the delay today. Hard to believe but we are down to our last two Mondays! I hope everyone was able to spend some time reflecting on Mother's Day and the special women in our lives. Not many announcements, although I feel like I am forgetting some things as we wrap up the school year. I will be more detailed next week or as new things come up this week.

Yearbook 2019-2020
Yes! We will have a yearbook for the 2019-2020 school year! We will just have to be patient though. The yearbook plant in Dallas has not reopened for printing yet. Yearbooks are scheduled to be shipped to the school once they are printed. We will have a process for getting them to students once they arrive at Ridgeview. I do not have a current projection for when this will occur. I think once the plant opens, we should have a timeline for when they will arrive.

PTA Board Members Needed
The Ridgeview PTA Nominating Committee is seeking candidates for the following el…

Panther Press - Week of 5/4-5/8/20

Hello Panthers!
I hope you had a great weekend! It is really hard to think about, but we have less than three weeks left of school. Seems weird, right? Here is my plea, as we get to the end of the year, I encourage us to finish strong. I know it is tedious for students right now and I am sure parents are ready for this to be over. I don’t think it is any fun for teachers on the other end either. What separates the good from the great though is the work ethic and ability to stay focused until the end. If the school year was normal, we would be gearing up for the showdown with STAAR to show the state how good we are. Give me two more good weeks!

Teacher Appreciation Week
This week we would have been celebrating Teacher Appreciation week. We still hope to do so, it just might look a little different. PTA is helping us say thank you to our wonderful teachers and staff at Ridgeview and how much you miss them by making videos! If you are shy about making a video, send a picture holding a thank…

Panther Press - Week of 4/27 - 5/1/20

Hello Panthers!
I hope that you had a great weekend and enjoyed the awesome weather! It is that time of year to remember to put the sunscreen on if you are outside. I learned that lesson the hard way trying to go on a 3 mile hike. I have been very impressed with the work that both students and teachers have been doing. I know that it is disappointing to not finish the year in the building, but I encourage you to finish the year strong! I see one area that could use a little improvement. I would like to remind students that teachers are working hard to provide clear instructions for each lesson based on the slides that are given to us from the district. Please read through all of the instructions for your assignments before you begin! By doing so, you will have a better idea of what is required vs. what is supplemental and exactly what is expected out of the assignment. This will eliminate many of the questions you might have and reduce the number of assignments that are returned for no…

Panther Press - Week of 4/20-4/24/20

Hello Panthers!
I hope everyone had a great weekend. So much for writing this up early. What I had really isn’t as applicable after the announcement made on Friday. For those of you that are unaware, we will not return to the physical school building for the rest of the year. I was really holding out hope that we might make it back by the last week of school if nothing else so that everyone could say goodbye and we might be able to have a few end of the year ceremonies. I would not say that I was unprepared for this announcement, but it did catch me by surprise with the timing. I know that there are many questions regarding what next. I will be working on those answers for you this week. One of the biggest questions that I have received is how do I retrieve things from inside the school? I do not have that answer yet. I will be working on a plan, but it will need district approval, so we are likely two weeks away from a decision on a date. I promise I will get this information out as …

Panther Press - Week of 4/13 - 4/17/20

Hello Panthers!
I hope you had a great weekend! I hope that everyone is safe and no one had damage from the storms early Sunday morning. Never a good thing when your phone is going off with a warning to take cover, a tornado is heading your way. Luckily it didn’t do the damage that it could have. Speaking of little damage, we have made it through one week of at-home learning. I know that there are some adjustments that need to be made and we are all getting used to a new format. Please hang in there and work with your teachers. Overall, I am so impressed with students, teachers and parents for making the transition. I do not know how long we will be teaching this way, so we will just make the best of what we have and keep improving.

Question and Answer Info
This afternoon I will be sending out answers to the most common questions received from students over the past week. I hope this will help and give some guidance.

Important Reminder - Off Campus PE Applications due soon!
Off-Campus PE s…

Panther Press - Week of 4/6-4/10/20

Hello Panthers!
The rain made for a very stay-at-home weekend. I did learn that my kids were capable of watching an entire season of “Survivor” in 24 hours. I am definitely not recommending that, just saying it can be done. Last week was very taxing in regards to getting new information, processing it, and churning out a product for students. This has been a shift for educators, but I definitely feel blessed to work with such a great group of committed teachers.

At-Home Learning Begins
This week has been highly anticipated. Students will be getting assignments through Google Classroom or through email from their teachers starting at 8:00. I feel like the directions will be pretty clear, but want to go over a few common questions. When are assignments due? The teachers will give guidance, but most assignments will be due between Thursday and Sunday. Will assignments be graded? Yes, assignments will have feedback from teachers and students will receive credit for the week. Students that do…