Week of 8/13-8/17/18

Hello Panthers,
I hope you enjoyed the rain. I figured there was only one sure fire way to get it to rain, spend an hour washing my car. Later that night it started pouring. Are you ready for the new year? We are so excited to welcome back our panthers from last year and meet our new 6th grade panthers! I feel like we have met many of them already between Panther Camp and Panther Welcome. I have tried to include as much information as I can to answer questions about the first day of school. Feel free to call the front office if you have further questions that we can answer.

First Day of School Procedures and Schedule - 
First bell at 8:10
Hard to believe that the first day of school is almost here. Thursday we will have a modified schedule so that we are able to account for all students and teach them about Ridgeview and how things will work moving forward. I have attached the schedule for the first day that you can share with your student. Here are some additional logistics to get you st…

Week of 08/06-08/12/18

Hello Panthers!
I hope you had a great week! Hard to believe we are in the last two weeks before school starts. It will be a little more real for students as they pick up schedules on Thursday. If you haven’t started the transition to an earlier bedtime and earlier wake-up, I would suggest starting this week and gradually getting back into the flow of things before next Thursday. This week teachers report back to campus and we are excited to get started!

Panther Camp Success!
Special thanks to our WEB leaders who put on an amazing camp for our newest 6th grade Panthers last Friday. We had over 320 students attend the event. Students were able to meet new friends, ask questions, tour the school and have a little fun! Excited to welcome our 6th graders to Ridgeview! I also want to thank our parents for being so cordial at pick-up time. We didn’t exactly have the traffic flow ready to roll and parents were fantastic at just going with the flow. We were able to get everyone loaded in 15 mi…

Week of 7/30 - 8/3/18

Hello Panthers!

I hope you enjoyed the cool weather today! The start of the school year is right around the corner. Hard to believe that summer fun is almost over. Included some new details and some information from last week as well.

Just a reminder that the first day of school is Thursday, August 16th!

Here is some information to get your school year started:

Panther Camp - Aug 3rd - 1:00 - 8:00 pm
All 6th grade students are encouraged to attend Panther Camp on Friday, August 3rd from 1:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Students should be receiving a phone call from a WEB leader to invite them and give more details. The event is mainly about team building and getting acclimated to Ridgeview. They will take a tour of the school and be able to interact with their 8th grade WEB leader to ask questions they have. Most importantly, they will be able to start building new friendships with students from other elementary schools that they might not know. We will be feeding students pizza around 5:00. The re…

Week of 7/23 - 7/27/18

Hello Panthers! 
I hope you are having a fabulous summer! I bet you are ready to send the kids back to school, huh? We are in the process of having everything ready to start the year, so busy, just a different kind of busy. I can't wait to see everyone in less than a month.

Just a reminder that the first day of school is Thursday, August 16th!

Here is some information to get your school year started:

Athletics Information All students signed up for RMS athletics must have a current physical on file.  Paperwork can be turned in to the coaches during Panther Welcome on Thursday 8/9 from 4-7 in the gym.  If you are not able to attend Panther Welcome, paperwork can be turned in the first week of school. We would prefer they be turned into us rather than dropped off in the front office. Athletes are also required to have Rank One online paperwork completed to participate in athletics.  Please use the link to access the required online paperwork and a copy of the physical form. Please use t…

Week of 5/28-5/30/18

Hello Panthers!

We made it through another year at Ridgeview! I hope that you had an enjoyable experience and that your student found the year beneficial in terms of growth both academically and social-emotionally. There are lots of changes happening with youth this age. Our world is rapidly changing and students seem to have more pressure now than ever before with the bombardment of information that they are exposed to and have to try and sort out.

Reminders for 5/29
Parents we have told students that they should not have backpacks on Tuesday. All backpacks will be brought into the office. I would prefer that students not bring sweets and treats to celebrate the last day as it tends to get messy. Any other items that are not educational related will be taken up. Students should be in dress code. Parents that are wanting to pick up your students early, please be patient. With students in multiple spots and in large groups it will take us longer to find your student and get them to the fr…